Generation Like

Whether you “like” it or not, technology is changing our lives and the world that we are living in.

No longer are we just living in the world and communicating with people we see on the streets but instead we are consumed by living inside the computer and social media sites. Receiving a virtual “like” or “follow” today is a confidence booster to social media users because its saying that someone saw your picture, status or tweet and thought it good enough for them to virtually say, “I like this and don’t care who knows.” People on social media become what they like. Previous generations would hang posters or wear T-shirts to show their support for a brand, product or celebrity. 

However, today people are able to reach more individuals in the world with their opinion over a brand. This makes it more of a competition for companies to be the best and have the most eye-catching product or social media page. Individuals that are a part of the “Generation Like” will “like” or “follow” a company on Facebook or Twitter and that company becomes the same with their virtual personality and how they are viewed. Companies can use this by knowing that the more likes they have the more people are seeing their friends willing to associate with the brand or product. Its still true today that typically people don’t want to be the only one doing something and if their friends are doing it or recommend it, then the product is more likely to be successful.



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